Massage Therapy - The Iron Den Gym

Massage Therapy

Hi! I am Dawn Simpson the massage therapist with Living Well Massage. I am so excited to be able to spend a few months working with the Iron Den. I wanted to share a little bit about myself. First, I am not a spa therapist (though I can give swedish massages here and there). What I like to focus on is problem solving. I like to find problems with the body and figure out how to fix it to help you reach your goals. I offer many different kinds of massages to help your body get to optimal functioning. I highly suggest first coming into have a introductory massage with me. We call it a PCM (personal Consult Massage). During this massage I will be figuring out what is going on with your body and trying to find out why. Then I might give you some homework of stretches or things to help you with self care between sessions. We will work out a plan at introductory massage on what to do to get you to your goals the fastest and most affordable way. A 60 min PCM is $45 or a 90 min PCM is $75.

I am going to list the other massages and prices.
I will be lowering my prices for members of the Iron Den!!

Swedish Massage

60 min Swedish

$60 for Members

normally $70

90 min Swedish

$90 for Member

normally $100

Deep Tissue Massage

60 min Deep Tissue

$70 for Members

normally $80

90 min Deep Tissue

$100 for Members

normally $110

Deep Cellular Massage

(great if you are sick)

60 min Deep Cellular

$75 for Members

normally $85

Cellulite/Lymphatic Drainage

30 min Cellulite/Lymphatic Drainage

$50 for Members

normally $60

Detox Massage

90 min Detox Massage

$180 for Members

normally $200

Deep Tissue Stretching

30 min Deep Tissue Stretching

$50 for Members

normally $60

60 min Deep Tissue Stretching

$80 for Members

normally $90

Cupping Facial Rejuvenation

30 min Cupping Facial Rejuvenation

$60 for Members

normally $70

Ultimate Muscle Building

Deep Tissue, Muscle Contouring, and Stretching

90 min Ultimate Muscle Building

$140 for Members

normally $150

Fertility and Liver

60 min Fertility and Liver

$100 for Members

normally $120



$10 for Members

normally $20


$10 for Members

normally $25

Deep Tissue Stretching

$15 for Members

normally $20

I hope to get to see you soon. Please contact Amanda at the front Desk to book your massage!!