"Is the Iron Den for me?" - The Iron Den Gym

“Is the Iron Den for me?”


“Is the Iron Den for me?”

“Is the Iron Den for me?”
The question tends to come up often. Perhaps its the stigma that we are filled to the gills with bodybuilders, strongmen, and lumberjacks. Perhaps its the fact that many people HAVE accomplished big things whilst at the Den from IFBB pro cards, pro-MMA wins, and entire mindset shifts. Perhaps it’s as simple as the average person assuming that the lack of AC on the gym floor is the last strand of comfort their just not willing to sacrifice. Whatever the motivation for the question may be I can tell you whom the Iron Den IS for.

The mom who has lost her way because the only way that mattered has been the kids’ or family’s way for so long. Taking care of so many others has left you with so much work to do on yourself and you don’t know where to begin, or you do but you’re afraid to fail and carry that guilt yet again.

The father that may have even been active once upon a time. Even runs through an internal highlight reel of his glory years. Oh but that was 10 or 20 years ago. Time flies when you have so much responsibility. But you notice things. It’s harder to get out of bed some days. Your motivation and drive have lulled. Other parts of your life are affected by your lack of physical development and you realize you have to do something if you’re going to be able to keep up with these kids
You’ve raised him/her right. She/He says “yes ma’am” and “No sir”, gets good grades. She/He also doesn’t put on weight so easily or puts it on way too fast and because of this sports arent easy and she/he feels ostracized. “If only She/he would listen”, you think. Oh, but they do when its someone else with outside authority. Big changes can be made with self-esteem adjustments AKA workouts.
At the gas station the other day the lady at the counter said, “good lawd you all swole up like a pitbull!”. I chuckle briefly and explain, “I own a gym and have to look the part” with another laugh. She then asks where it’s at and what its like. Now I go for the low hanging fruit by instinct and describe the atmosphere, “Its an open-air facility with hand-selected equipment used to get you the quickest results possible.” Her response, “so not for someone like me then…”. I said, “well that depends. How big are your goals?” She cocks her head like a puppy I use to own. I follow with, “If your goal is to socialize, people watch, walk aimlessly on a treadmill, or even lose a “few” pounds, then nah it’s not for you. Our members have big goals and the least experienced have the furthest to go and that’s what we do best.” She slowly nodded as if she had been challenged.
               Is the Iron Den for you?

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